Saturday On the Boat


Well, tomorrow’s weather promises to be ugly, so I got the boat off the rack this afternoon and just spent a couple of hours cremating dead dinosaurs and improving my mental health.  And I wasn’t the only one.

Sail Parade Not everyone was out on the ICW for fun.  There was a veritable parade of sailboats and floating condos traveling north.  I didn’t stop anyone to ask, but if I had to guess, I’d guess they were headed north from their winter grounds in south Florida or the Bahamas.  It was pretty rough out on the ocean today, so the sailors were all motor-sailing north to wherever it is they keep their boats for the summer. 

SeaDoo Girl With the water temperature up into the mid 70’s in the waterway, the JetSkis, WaveRunners, and SeaDoos are out in force.  They do have a lot of fun with the tsunami-sized wakes the floating condos push as they plow through the water.  Sometimes I’m not sure how I’m able to keep from capsizing when I come across those wakes. All I know for sure is I’m glad I don’t have their fuel bills.  I have a hard enough time putting gas in the boat that I have. 

Whaler Girls Here’s something you literally don’t see every day.  A boat with no guys on board.  I can’t tell you how often I’ve seen this many guys screaming down the ICW … or guys with their girlfriend(s).  Or guys with two girls (more often than you might think) and guys fishing with very bored looking girls sunning themselves … but almost NEVER a boat with just girls.  And I saw two today.  One nice little sailboat about the size of the Irwin I used to have, and this Whaler.  Only one of them actually noticed I was taking their picture.  It looks like the SeaDoo girl isn’t too unhappy about me playing Paparazzi.

Raining  Fire Not everyone was out to play today, though.  Where the Beach Boulevard Bridge is being replaced, several workers were getting the old draw span ready to be torn down.  Part of that is apparently cutting away the old guardrails and decking.  I’m betting that the steel in the old bridge is recyclable, and they don’t want to just throw it away.  But, and you have to click on the picture to see this big, the cutting torch was literally making it rain fire from the bridge.  Not a great place to be with your boat, if one of those big globs of molten steel dropped onto your deck.  I’ve got a feeling there’d be a big hole in the hull in about 2 seconds if that should happen.  Fortunately, one guy up on the bridge had the job of watching for boats going under and telling the cutter to stop.  Seemed to work out OK.

A day on the water never fails to bring a smile to my face.  Today, with the new stereo hooked up to the MP3 player providing a soundtrack to my cruise, I had to wonder why it’s taken me 5 years to get tunes on the boat.  It makes a great day even better.


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