Five Steps

It was a Chamber of Commerce day … and I took the opportunity to walk down to the riverwalk at lunchtime, sat on a bench thoughtfully provided by the City of Jacksonville, and ate my lunch.  And, because it was such a nice day, I threw the camera bag on my back.  After enjoying my lunch, I started taking a few pictures.  After I’d finished, I realized that in capturing 30 or so images, I hadn’t moved more than 5 steps from the bench where I’d sat to enjoy my lunch.

Street Lamp The city has placed these deco streetlights along the eastern part of the riverwalk near the station.  I’m not sure why, because it’s not easily accessible to the public, and there’s usually a trash truck or two parked in my view of the river.  But they spent a bunch of money on these wrought iron and brass streetlights that look very nice.  Of course, when it’s a Jaguars game or the Jazz Festival (which is coming up this weekend) or Florida/Georgia, they move the trash trucks and some really nice boats tie up behind the station.  It’s not a floating dock, so I’d have a difficult time with my little boat.  But I may try to bring it down at some point this summer anyway.

FishingIt may not be EASY to get to the dock, but it seems like never a nice day goes by that there aren’t one or two people fishing from in the river.  I have to tell you that I would no more eat a fish I’d caught behind the station than I’d eat a bowl of dirt.  I don’t know if anyone actually eats them or not, but there’s always someone trying.  I did like the way the pilings line up and curve around from one side of the photo to the other.  It’ looks lots better big on Flickr.Skyline

The two buildings in the foreground here have been built in the past 18 months.  Both started as condos, but one is now apartments.  The developers thought they’d buy these great waterfront lots, and put up high rises on them at the height of the condo boom.  At least these got built.  “The Shipyards”, on our side of the river, has never come out of the ground.  It was supposed to be part of the “Billion Dollar Mile” touted by then-Mayor John Delaney just before he left office in 2003.  To be fair, the city HAS spent several million dollars in incentives for construction of condos that have never been built, but that’s for someone else to blog.  I can discuss it on the air, but not here.  And I have discussed it on the air. 

I do enjoy watching the skyline change, though.  It at least gives the impression of a thriving, growing city.  But it would be nice to see more of the historic older buildings in the traditional downtown renovated.  They’re working on some, but there’s a long way to go.  Sometimes I wish I had the money to buy one and do the renovations just to see one of those old spaces brought back, but I’m never going to have that kind of dough … so I’ll just watch. And take pictures.

There are several more shots I got in my un-planned “5 Steps” photo shoot.  I’m considering starting a Flickr group on the concept.  I’ll need to figure out just how I do that, but as many groups as there are … it’s probably pretty easy. 

I don’t have to get up an oh-dark-thirty tomorrow … so maybe I’ll get a decent nights’ sleep.

Wish me luck.




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