I’ve gotten some photographs in the past few days that are interesting examples of perspective.  And, as usual, they revolve around boats.

In this case, the perspective is about creating an illusion of depth in a 2 dimensional medium (the Internet), AND about contrast, the way objects appear to the eye based on their physical and spatial attributes.


I call this “Big Boat / Little Boat”.  But in this case, the “little boat” is probably 40 feet long, and would be considered a big boat in any other context.  I’ve been on board a larger version of the pilot boat out at sea, meeting a guided missile frigate on a story.  But that was a bigger little boat, and a littler big boat.  I also sailed on the Celebration back in the late ’80’s on an actual cruise.  But I really like the way this shot contrasts the two boats.  Clicking on the photo will take you to the Flickr page with the much larger version of the picture. 

But there is also the spatial aspect in this photo as well.  The concrete pilings in the foreground are probably 9 feet high, though here you don’t see all the way to the base, obviously.  Even at that, the cruise ship dwarfs the much nearer piers.

Andromeda 2

Atlantis II 3 LG

These two show the same boat, Atlantis II, but the top picture had the added perspective of contrast with the car transport coming into port.  At a glance, you might assume that the Atlantis II was several hundred yards further away from me than the car transport, but it’s only about 50-75 yards from the shipping channel to the far shore.  The photo of both ships reminded me of the original Star Trek episode where the planet killing “Doomsday Machine” was about to engulf the U.S.S. Constellation … with Kirk on board.  Here, the ocean-going Atlantis II looks like a bathtub toy compared to the transport.  And they’re all amazing to watch so close to shore.


We had a pretty good morning with pledge today, and the weekend did pretty well as well.  We had some phone issues getting into ATC, but they were ironed out before the show was over.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.  Please, if you listen, make a pledge to what ever public station is near you.

And I have to be up at 5:15 again tomorrow, so I’d better think about getting some sleep.

Tomorrow, Andie has a PEO meeting here, so I’m banished from my own house.  I threatened to sit across the street, drink scotch, smoke cigars, and bang a drum, but I’m still banished.  But at least this time, I’ll keep them out of my good wine.  I only mention it because if I don’t get a blog post done tomorrow, I can blame not being able to be here.  At least that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.




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