One Project Down

At least I hope so.  I think, in the rain this afternoon, I finally got the live well system repaired.  I think.  I won’t know until I can put the boat in the water, open the seacock, and see if it leaks when I turn it on.  But I finally gave up and re-plumbed the entire system.  I’ve replaced every piece from the through-hull fitting to the outlets for the deck wash and live well.  I still have one little piece to buy, and will eventually re-work the live well outlet.  But for now, I only hope that it doesn’t leak seawater into the bilge when I turn it on.  That will make me happy. 

Of course, I managed to step on a pair of $20.00 sunglasses in the process.  Add that to the bill.

But, I have another project now.  I’ve finally bought a radio/CD player for the boat.  That’s going to require cutting a lot of holes in fiberglass, but I’m looking forward to having some tunes on the boat.

The really cool thing about this radio is that it has an HD tuner built in … and it was not that much more expensive than the bare-bones model.   And, it has an aux input for the Sansa.  I’ll let you know how that installation goes.

So I got it finished, put all my tools and such away, got everything all loaded up in the trunk, sand topped at the boat brokerage / Sea Tow office to be sure I didn’t need to lock the gate (I didn’t).  I went back to the car, looked back towards the river, and saw …

Celebration 1 LG

I grabbed my camera out of the car and literally ran down to the water. 

I’ve seen a lot of cruise ships, and even sailed on this one back in ’87 (I think), but just the contrast between the little boats on the racks and the cruise ship was amazing.  It’s even more impressive on Flickr

Another very interesting perspective was the pilot boat pulled up alongside the Celebration. 

Celebration 9 LG 

The people on board were probably not unhappy to be heading out of Jacksonville, given the low, gray sky, drenching rains 30 knot winds gusting to 50, and occasional thunder and lightning, but out to sea, it was probably pretty rough.  Lots of small craft advisories were up all afternoon, as well as plenty of special marine warnings.  But they’re halfway to the Bahamas by now, so I hope they’re having a good time.

So that was pretty much my day.  After pledge, I pretty much dodged rain showers and thunder storms to get this project finished.  The heaviest of the rain came when I was in West Marine buying parts.  I had to have them take one off the bill.  I had picked up a deck wash hose connection that they wanted $56 for.  I found the very same part at Boaters World for $24.  Its already on the boat.

I’m hoping I can get the stereo project going tomorrow, but I also have to cook dinner tomorrow night.  Sounds like I might be getting up early to work on it.  But not before coffee and the Sunday paper.



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