No Foolin’

April 1st, and I don’t have a good joke, practical or otherwise.  But there are less that two hours left, and I’ve never been a big practical joker in any event. 

Pelicans 3

So, here’s a random pelican picture. 

I can continue in the wildlife theme with a news item that moved today from south Florida.  ‘Gator in the road.  A big 9 footer.  I love the part of the video where one of the police officers on a bullhorn tells the gator to “get back in the canal” … as if the ‘gator was going to pay attention.  Here’s a clue, its a damn alligator, not the family dog.  They eventually lasso it and get it into a pickup truck.  Chances are good that were you live, it’s unlikely there’ll be a big ‘gator in the road.   I hope I never see one here, but it’s possible.

Andie’s fighting a godawful cold, which I’m dreading getting.  I absolutely don’t have time to be sick the next two and a half weeks.  I’m working on bringing up two major projects at work, one for air, one not, plus my regular show to prepare for Friday.  Friday afternoon, I’m moderating a geography bee for middle school kids at Jacksonville University.  Then fundraising begins Saturday morning bright and early.  For two weeks, with a goal of $143,000.  That’s a big number, and I hope our listeners will once again come to understand the value of public radio and make a pledge.  We’ll see. 

If you’re not a public radio listener, we do business a little differently.  Basically we tell national programming organizations that we’ll pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for the privilege of airing their programs, and then we go to to the listeners and say “Hey, you like this program.  We pay for it, and allow you to listen for nothing.  Did I mention that you like this program?  Could you send a couple of bucks our way … just a little?  We don’t play commercials.  Maybe a few dollars to help pay for the programming?”

And like that.

Strange thing is, it works.  And radio stations across the country are fundraising right now.  If you’ve ever listened, why not consider giving your public station Bike Routea couple of bucks.  They’ve earned it.

C’mon … I know you listen to Car Talk.

Anyway, the calendar gets more hectic Thursday the 10th.  I have to moderate a 90 minute panel discussion on Growth Management and Quality of Life for the Leadership Jacksonville Class at 10:15, pitch on All things Considered from 1600-1800, then host a “First Coast Forum” on the proposed drawdown of the St. Johns River at 8:00.  Thankfully, Scott will host Week in Review on Friday.

Then … another week of pledge.  Fundraising is grueling, and some of the most important work we do.  But no matter where you are, you, too, have the opportunity to make a pledge to WJCT by visiting  Stop on by and drop a couple of bucks in the hopper. 

So, you can see that I don’t have a minute to be sick.  Not one.  Not to mention Andie’s still on crutches for the knee sprain.  One of us needs to be healthy.   After pledge, I can take a couple of sick days.  If I’m going to get the cold, I hope it holds off until then.  I’ll keep taking the Zycam, Airborne, Mona Vie, and multivitamins … and hit the bike as often as possible.  You can see today’s route here.  17 miles down Fist Street and Ponte Vedra Boulevard.  It always feels good to be out on the bike.

But, it’s spring break at the beach.  I may have to try riding early, because the streets were pretty crowded this afternoon.  As long as they spend plenty of money, I can cook on my grill and wait until my restaurants are less crowded again.

Wish me luck.  Make a pledge.



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