My drive home sometimes produces some just random things.  It’s one of the reasons I’ve taken to carrying the camera with me pretty much all the time.Chipper 6

Now that’s a machine.  I took a different route home tonight.  Beach Boulevard rather than Atlantic because I had to go return the live well pump to West Marine and get the correct one.  (See “Patton’s First Law of Boat Repair“)  So I was stopped in traffic and looked over and saw a lot being cleared of brush … well trees, actually.  Full size trees were being dropped into a hopper that could have swallowed a Volkswagen and converted into mountains of mulch.  The hopper spun on its axis, I suppose to evenly distribute the tree trunks into the grinding mechanism.  This small photo and my description really don’t do it justice.  There’s a much larger photo on Flickr

When I lived in an apartment in Ponte Vedra, a neighbor who worked construction called it “playing with adult Tonka Toys”.  He worked on the Palm Valley Bridge, and it’s one of those things I’ve never done.  The biggest thing I’ve ever driven is a 25′ U-Haul, if you don’t count a 35 foot sailboat.  It’d be fun to play with the grown-up Tonka Toys just once.  Maybe Twice.

A little later, I pulled up at another stoplight (of course they’re not timed very well) and found myself near the stern of a school bus.  Bus 3 I don’t know why it caught my eye.  But there it is.  I’ve uploaded this to my “Everyday Things” set on Flickr

Growing up in Southern Indiana, there was a Carpenter school bus assembly and painting plant just to the south of us in Mitchell, Indiana.  Before it finally went out of business it was a Bluebird plant, but I remember driving past the plant and seeing row upon row of yellow school buses waiting to be delivered.  You’d often see them on the road out for delivery, looking odd with no school system emblazoned on the side.  Maybe that’s why the bus caught my eye this afternoon.


I finally got back on the bike this afternoon.  I’ve been lazy, and it shows.  So I hope this will be the start of getting back on track.  But the only reason I mention it here is because I rode without my GPS, and it was oddly freeing.  The breeze was fresh out of the south, which I prefer just for the route it lets me ride.  But without the GPS to constantly remind me how far or how fast I’d ridden, I didn’t worry about being so slow upwind … because I don’t know how slow I was going.  I didn’t worry about losing a tenth or two off my average speed because I had to slow down for stoplights as I was coming home.  I won’t make it a habit, because I like to keep track, but riding without it today made me realize I’d gotten a little bit obsessive about it.  I like knowing how far and how fast, but I need to be doing it for the exercise, not to rack up numbers in a database.


Andie’ll be home from Savannah in a little while, complete with a sprained knee.  She can’t even stumble out of the bar sober.  That’s a joke, of course, but it’s true, she’s rarely inebriated.  I don’t thing the MS had anything to do with it.  Apparently, it’s just a bad sprain, which is a good thing.  I’ve had torn ACL’s, didn’t have them seen about, and wound up having knee surgery for my trouble.


And I’ll close with this … which I stumbled across random blog surfing. 

Like the writer on the blog where I found it, I don’t think I qualify as a “New Media Douchebag”, though I do, obviously, have a blog and use Flickr.   I don’t think I’m angry about enough stuff to qualify.  I like my job, have actual friends, and a full and rewarding life away from the computer.  As I’ve said before, I don’t want a crack Blackberry … I’ve never twittered, I do use text messaging and IM … sometimes.  But I can put it down and walk away.  So I don’t think I qualify.

But this is darn funny.


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  1. I have to say that I’m amused by the giant tree blender. I just wanted to say “giant tree blender” …And I really enjoyed the yellow bus photograph. My photo for the day was a yellow building… perhaps it’s related to spring.

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