I Want to Go

I saw a wire copy story today about a company that is building a 2 place space ship.  Suborbital, but space none the less.  I want to go,Space Tourism I can so see me there. At the edge of the atmosphere.  I’ve wanted to go to space since I read my first sci-fi pulp novel as a kid.  I read so much of it, and wanted to believe it all.  By the time Star Trek came around in 1967, I was ready to just lap it up.  And I think I’ve seen every episode of nearly every series, from the original to Voyager.  Enterprise wasn’t on a network I got very well here, so I’m behind on that one, but HD Net puts them on in High Definition… and they’re spectacular.Still, even if they get this thing going, I know I don’t have the $200K for a 2 hour joyride to the edge of space.  Not unless I win the lottery, and we all know what a great retirement plan that is. 

Still, even if I never make it to space, there are some things I want to do that are a bit more attainable.  I want to sail in the Bahamas, and cross over from Key West to The Dry Tortugas like my dad and his friends did back in the late ’60’s.  I’d love to cross the Gulf Stream on a sailboat, and may make that happen one day.  I want to go back to the Rocky Mountains and take pictures, and I’d love to go back to Australia. 

Mostly, I just want to go,

I’m afflicted with wanderlust, but not really the means to satisfy the itch.  Money and time are all it takes, and I’m in short supply of both, as a rule.  The vacation time I get is well spent, but eventually, I’m going to have to just go exploring.

When I see the ships heading out to sea, like I did yesterday, I hear that call.  There’s a sailboat in my marina right now with a bum engine … about a 30 foot cutter rigged sloop … that the people aboard are trying to sail to Australia.  When I was over there, we’d chartered a motor-sailor with a captain, and were anchored about 8 hours offshore in an atoll when a similar boat slipped into the sheltered water, dropped anchor, and the captain came over to ask if we had any “Turps” … turpentine so that he could repair his compass.  He and his wife had bought the boat in Ohio, taken it down the Ohio River to the Mississippi, and then to the gulf of Mexico, I assume through the Panama Canal, and we ran into them in Australia.   28 years ago, now, and I still remember the story.

That’s the kind of wanderlust I have.

Mostly, I fight it down and am thankful for a solid roof over my head, solid ground under my feet, and a job that pays the bills.  But on one particularly calm afternoon out on the Atlantic Ocean, all alone in my little 20 foot boat, I heard the call of the Bahamas, just about 400 miles away.  It wasn’t loud, but I thought about it.

There will be opportunities.  Andie has her heart set on going to Italy, but right now the exchange rate is so bad that we can’t afford to go.  When we do, and I’m sure we will, I want to get away from the tourist areas and see some of the real Italy, and go to Germany as well.  That may have to wait for another trip, but I need to go to The Fatherland. 

For now, though, I need to go to bed, because tomorrow, I have to go to work.  And maybe someday, somehow, I’ll go to space.


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