Urban Wildlife

Goose 6 As I was leaving the office this afternoon, I saw a couple of big Canadian geese hanging out by the retention pond just east of the station.  I think wildlife in a urban setting make for interesting pictures, and this was a pretty good example.I’m not sure why the geese hadn’t headed back to Canada by now.  Over the past month, I’ve seen dozens of “V”s of geese following the Cadillacs, minivans and RV’s full of snowbirds back north.  I guess these have decided to take advantage of our temperate weather for a little while longer.  Can’t say as I blame ’em. 

They allowed me to get pretty close, though the 200mm lens made it a lot easier.  I love the contrast of the goose against the soft focus of the bridge and trailer in the background.  The herons on the western bank were a bit more skittish.  Still, it seems like more and more, the animals are moving back in with us.

I expected it when we lived 10 miles outside Chillicothe, Ohio, and in the Boonies of La Plata, Maryland.  But there wasEgret 2 a fox that used to regularly visit our back yard in Springfield, Virginia, just a mile or so outside The Beltway.  Down here, with so much water around, we have shore birds everywhere.  From the retention pond across the street from the stadium to the mall parking lot … seagulls, egrets, herons, and geese.  The blue herons and snowy egrets regularly hunt for frogs in “the moat” behind our house on Florida  Boulevard. 

There are manatee and dolphin in the river. We’ve had a possum in our trash can … twice.  Possums, I know, are pretty well adaptive, but it’s a bit startling to look into the trash can and see one staring back up at you … little beady eyes drooping from trying to get out all night, but still feisty enough to hiss at you like a cat.  I tipped over the trash can to let him out.  He stayed there for a bit, but then realized he’d been given an exit strategy. 

So, since I’m pretty much carrying the camera everywhere, I hope I’ll be able to get a lot more of these “Urban Wildlife” shots.  I guess all I really have to do for that is go back to a party at David and Tom’s …

Pictures full size on Flickr.



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