Abaco Crabs

I’ve been looking for this picture for a long time.  I remembered I’d uploaded it to my old web site.


We were in Abaco a few years ago, and found this guy off the side of what passes for a road on Green Turtle Cay.  A hermit crab had made his home in an old champagne cork.  I guess when it’s plastic, it’s actually a stopper, but what ever.  Mr. Crab seemed quite at home in his sturdy, plastic house. 

But hermit crabs don’t know that it’s plastic. All they know is that it fits.  I’m sure it feels like a shell to him (or her). 

We were just driving along over on the ocean side of the island in our “resort transportation” (ie golf cart) and Andie spotted him.  Honestly, she just saw the champagne cork move, and we stopped for a closer look.  It turned into one of the most interesting pictures of the trip.  abaco airport

Meanwhile, this is the Marsh harbor airport.  I think this being the first impression you have of the islands is apropos.  There’s a certain charm about the place.  No fancy counters, no moving sidewalks, baggage claim is always plane side, it’s pretty remarkable, in a very understated kind of way.  I’m very much looking forward to going down this summer with my new camera to see what I can capture.  And the diving should be spectacular as well.


Tonight is the Vernal Equinox.  Day and night are equal, and daylight is longer than the dark for the next 6 months.  The moon is full, there are storms on the horizon, and I’m definitely ready for warmer weather and longer days.


Tim worked on the boat a while today. He generously offered to fix my seacock problem for me, though we’ll both be at the marina on Saturday to get it finished.  I’m ready to go fishing, and have my boat not leak. I’m really glad to know why clean seawater spilled out of the bilge every time I took the stern plug out of the boat, and why the bilge pump ran so often.  With any luck, by the time the sun sets on Saturday, I’ll have that little problem taken care of.


Can you tell, I’ve really got nothin’ tonight.  But I’ll keep the string alive and hopefully I’ll be able to blog every day in March.  



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