Boat Repair Blues

Well, I know what the problem is, but I don’t know if I’m able to fix it.

Angler When I got down into the bilge of the boat today (figuratively speaking), I found out why the bilge was always full of water.  There are 4 screws that attach the live well aerator to the sea cock down below the waterline of the boat.  But I didn’t have a wrench that I could get on the nut holding the sea cock to the hull,  it’s an impossibly tight space in which to work, and after a couple of hours, I just kind of gave up.

Andie’s dad came over to the marina to offer assistance and advice, but even that wasn’t enough.  We went and raided his tool box (which is much more extensive than mine), and we still couldn’t find the right tools.  Add to it all the fact that you can only get one hand at a time down in the 6″ access port in the deck of the boat, and you can well imagine that it’s just a big pain in the ass to work on.

Meanwhile, I went to West Marine after I spend the early afternoon at the marina, and they had NONE of the parts I’d need to make the repair.  Not the replacement sea cock, not the tool to take it apart, nuttin’.  Still, I spend $120 on flares, wax, a second access port, just stuff.  I did notice a place below the waterline where the gelcoat has been nicked down to the fiberglass mat, so I need to get some epoxy on that to seal it up.  But I’m kinda frosted that I have to go to the repair guy and pay him $60-$85 an hour to make this repair … because it could run to 3 hours.

Oh well, the joys of boat ownership.

So that’s my boat repair blues. 

I can’t believe I haven’t taken ANY pictures of the boat in the water.  I guess I just haven’t thought about it.  As soon as it’s not leaking and can be PUT in the water again, I’ll be sure to do that.  It’s like living near the beach and not going all the time.  You just kind of take it for granted.  I need to make an effort for that not to happen any longer.


Well I woke up this morning. (duh DUH duh duh DUH)

Had a leak in the boat. (duh DUH duh duh DUH)

Had it up in the dry stack (duh DUH duh duh DUH)

’cause it sure wouldn’t float. (duh DUH duh duh DUH)

Tried to fix the leak now. (duh DUH duh duh DUH)

Didn’t have the right tool. (duh DUH duh duh DUH)

So now I’ll be a poor man. (duh DUH duh duh DUH)

But I can’t let it sink, like a fool.

I’ve got a broken live well system, the sea cock can’t be closed.  The pump’s falling part, I’m feeling pretty hosed.  I’m gonna have to call the repair guy, and then I’ll pay my dues … ’cause I’ve got them boat won’t float, gotta have it fixed, don’t have the right tools, middle class boat owner … Baaaallluuuueeeeesssssss.



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