River Cleanup

sjrlogo.jpgTomorrow is the annual St. Johns River Celebration, which involves an 18 site river cleanup project.  Now, we’re not going to clean up the St. Johns in 4 hours on a Saturday morning, but anything we can pull out of the river is one less piece of trash in the river. 

I have to admit, I’m not much of a volunteer.  I’ve tried, but if I don’t believe in the cause, I can’t generate a lot of enthusiasm for the effort.  Cleaning up the river is one of those things. 

I spend a lot of time on the river and just offshore in the ocean.  If you look at my Flickr photostream, you’ll see  probably dozens of pictures from the river and the intercoastal waterway.   And every time you get close to the shore, you’ll see trash, tires, plastic bags, PET bottles, flotsam of every kind.  Some maliciously tossed, some just discarded by careless people, some has blown out of cars and boats.  The stuff that’s just left or tossed makes me angry.  I don’t understand the mindset that allows one to rationalize tossing trash or just leaving it on the riverbank … though we see it every football weekend at the station.  Some of the tailgaters don’t have any compunction about leaving their beer bottles, trash, whatever all over the parking lot … but that’s another post.

I’m one of those people who’ll take the boat off plane and pick up trash out of the river when I see it just floating along.  I don’t mind to get up early tomorrow morning and join in with some of my collegues to go pick up trash along the river.

If you’re not doing anything in the morning … find the nearest river cleanup crew and lend  hand.  But you don’t have to wait for a special day to clean up the river.  When you see some trash, pick it up.  If you take a bottle of water, or beer, or bag of chips, or condom, or what ever, don’t just throw it on the ground.  Carry it out with you and throw it away. 

And don’t get me started on  your cigarette butts … but that, too, is another post.

I’ll get some pictures of the effort and post them tomorrow. 


wreck-7.jpgThere was a short piece in the “Shorelines” section … or the Beaches Leader, I don’t recall which, that this sunken little boat has been declared a derilict. 

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about this and a few other sad boats all grouped together in a creek near the Atlantic Boulevard bridge.  It seems like they’ve finally started to pay some attention to them.  This is the worst of the lot, and the only one that’s sunk.  Seeing the loss of a boat like this is always sad.  I hope they’re able to salvage her and sell her to someone who’ll take care of her.   No boat deserves this.



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