Wills, Space, and Australian Geniuses.

I have a will.  It was finalized today, and it’s a little bit daunting.  I’m sure in a few days, I’ll forget all about it, and the next time it gets thought about, I won’t care.  That’s probably not true, but at least now, it’s done.  Having a will drawn is one of those events that’s an admission that you’re not going to live on this mortal coil forever, as much as you might like to.  Now, as long as I have a good quality of life, I want to hang around.  And I’m expecting that to be for a good, long time.  Still that quality of life thing brings me to the other item that came out of the lawyers office today: a living will.

I’ve been intending to do that since the whole Terri Schiavo fiasco a few years ago. If you weren’t paying attention, a woman had a heart attack that deprived her brain of oxygen for several minutes.  She fell into a “persistent vegetative state”, which meant she had no higher brain function, could not feed or do anything for herself … but she looked alert, or at least awake, and her parents insisted, despite the diagnosis, that she could recover some quality of life.  Her husband, and her doctors, disagreed.  Long story short, the United States Congress got involved, passing legislation to keep her alive against what many said were her wishes.  Eventually, the husband prevailed, Terri’s feeding tube was removed, and she passed away.  But she became a cause célèbre for both camps. 

I never want the U.S. Congress making those decisions for me. 

Terryi Schaivo had no living will.  No document stating that she did not, or did, want to be kept alive by extraordinary means if there was no hope of recovery.

Andie and I now both have such a document.  I’m in no hurry, but I want to be allowed to die with dignity, should it come to that.  Now, there is a legally binding, notarized, witnessed document spelling that out.  And, it reaffirms my decision to be an organ donor.  That actually makes me feel good.


sts-123.jpgSpace … the final frontier.  Tonight may be one of the last night shuttle launches ever.  NASA is set to retire the workhorse of the manned space program in a couple of years, and tonight, they’re launching towards the ISS at 0228.  I really want to head down to the beach with the camera and shoot the launch, because I don’t know how many more chances I’m going to get.  That means I may need to go in and get a nap here in a bit so that I won’t be completely dead at work tomorrow, but it’ll be worth it if I am.  Of course, if they scrub tonight … that’d be a drag.  But everything looks pretty good for the launch.  If I get any good shots … and there aren’t going to be a lot of chances, I’ll be sure to post them here.

Update:  Do you have any idea how disappointing it is to drag yourself out of bed at 2:00 am, get dressed (ok, throw on sweats), load up the camera, drive down to the beach (granted, only about a mile and a half), and see absolutely NOTHING!!!???  Darned disappointing.


And finally… this is one of my favorite news items from the past couple of weeks.


Yup.  If you’re going to hold up a bar, you might want to be sure there’s not a motorcycle club meeting in the back room.  Really.  One of the things I really liked about this story was that the one alleged robber they caught was hogtied with electrical wire and held for police.  I have a good idea what when through the guys minds when a bunch of bikers came boiling out of the back room and gave chase to the would-be (alleged) bad guys.  It’s rather like adding insult to injury, but sometimes, people really get what they deserve.  So here you go, Australian Holdup Geniuses … an Albie just for you.



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