Auf Wiedersehen — The Wire


In 90 minutes or so, what’s been called the best show on television will be done.  I think I’ve seen every episode.  It’s the end of an era.It’ll be difficult to know it’s never coming back … but they’ve killed of more principal characters than “The Sopranos”.  Still, as long as none of the main cops get offed, it could come back as some point, I suppose.  But I’d almost hate to see a movie.   The plot lines are so complex and involved, there’d be no way they’d ever do it justice in a movie. 

I don’t have any idea what HBO is going to do to rival “The Wire”.  I really enjoy “Entourage”, but it doesn’t have the depth.  It’s not supposed to.  Where “Entourage” is a chocolate chip cookie, “The Wire” is prime rib.  It makes you think.  It’s substantive, and it’s been worth being appointment viewing for 5 seasons. 

It’ll be on in 3 minutes.  More later.


And now, it’s done.  And done very, very well.  As satisfying as the end of “The Sopranos” was not.  And yet, nothing was really neatly tied up in a package. 

Warning: Spoiler Alert!  If you haven’t watched the show … don’t read any further !

And I won’t go into specifics, but the moral of the story is, life goes on, the game never ends, sometimes bad things happen to good people, and sometimes good things happen to bad people.  I wasn’t expecting Marlo to walk, but I wasn’t surprised, either.  Some of it was a little predictable.  As someone who has practiced journalism, I was hoping the writer would be fired.  Instead the good guys got sent to Coventry, so to speak, and he won his prize.  The way in which McNulty and Lester avoided jail was believable, but a bit trite.  Still, I’ve observed enough of that kind of thing going on in real life that it didn’t require any real suspension of disbelief to accept it.  And in the end, Marlo will be back in the game, and you can only hope that they make good on their promise to take him down.  Of course, if Marlo goes down, so do McNulty, Lester, Carcetti, Daniels, the lot.  And you’re left with the perception that none of that happens. 

When one of my fellow Wire watchers tried to watch on HBO On Demand on Monday … a message appeared on the screen that they weren’t releasing the final episode early … and that it would be “worth the wait”.  I think they were right. 

So, Auf Wiedersehen to “The Wire”.  I hope HBO is able to come up with something to carry the torch in coming seasons.  Once “Entourage” runs out, it’ll be very difficult to justify keeping the expensive premium service.  I’m looking forward to the “John Adams” mini-series beginning next week, but after “The Sopranos”, “Rome”, and now “The Wire” … they’ve set the bar high.  We’ll see how that goes. 



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