Flat as a Pancake

pier2.jpgWould describe the ocean on Sunday.  It was a wonderful, quiet day out on the Atlantic Ocean, at least nearshore.  My sisters and I agreed that we’d seen Lake Monroe with more chop than the ocean had on  Sunday. 

Lots of people fishing from the pier Sunday.  And even at fairly low tide, the waves were breaking about 15 feet from shore.  There are normally dozens of surfers out near the pier, particularly on a day like this.  But not this Sunday.  No waves, no surfers.  I’m sure the fishing guys were thrilled.  There’s often a great deal of animosity between the surfers and the fishing guys.  To the point that there have been fistfights.  Really.  I don’t surf, and I’ve never fished from the pier (mostly because I have the boat), but I can imagine that getting a big circle hook in your thigh while you’re surfing would be not a lot of fun.  I’m just sayin’.


Everybody gets this shot from the shore.  I wanted it from the other perspective.  And again, with no waves to tell you this pier is on the ocean, it might as well be on a lake.  But I do like the perspective looking into the pier abutments.  I’ll have go back sometime when there’s a little wave action, but it might be a bit more difficult to get that close to shore with big waves.  Anyway, the pictures are up on Flickr, and they look much better big.


And finally, another of my favorite pelicans.  This guy was drying himself out and preening while I was getting the boat ready Sunday, and I had to have his picture.  I never thought I’d take so many pictures of pelicans, but you work with what you’ve got. 



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