Geniuses Pt. IV

Here we go again.  I’m thinking Albert would be so proud of this installment of “Geniuses”.  A co-worker sent this delightful little photograph around, and It just begged to be shared with a wider audiences.

darwin1.jpgI give you, the Genius Hot Tub.

Yes, friends, these guys are relaxing in a kiddie pool with a couple of cold ‘uns, and they’ve somehow managed to float a multi-plug in the pool so that they can run their stereo.  Notice the extension cords lovingly duct taped to the side of the pool.  And I really, really don’t think it’s Photoshopped.  Note the table legs under the water.  If it IS Photoshopped, it’s an excellent job.

No, I’m pretty sure these guys are trying hard to win a coveted Darwin Award.  You know about them, don’t you?  The ones that remove undesirable elements from the gene pool.  Well, here’s a delicious bit of irony about the gene “pool”. noalbertsm.jpg

Somebody better tell these guys that electricity and water go very, very well together, to the detriment of the living organisms that happen to be in the way.

So here’s to you, multi-plug-in-the-pool geniuses.  Good luck.  A coveted “No Genius” award.  Enjoy.



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  1. I can not believe 3 people are that stupid. If the photo was not fixed surely the orange cord is not plugged in. I hope.

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