I’m Too Young to Be Old

aarp.jpgIt came in the mail today.  In 6 months, I’ll be 50 … and they found me.  I haven’t opened the evelope yet, but it says “Card Enclosed”.  I just don’t think I’m ready for AARP just yet.  I don’t know if I want them to assume they represent me and my issues as a lobbying organization.  I do know that it’s unlikely that I’ll ever be fully retired.  I think I’d go crazy.

The thing is, I can believe that 50 is the new 40.  At least I hope so.  I don’t know if I’d go all the way to the new 30 … but honestly, I don’t feel that much different than I did when I was in my 20’s.  Except I’m smarter.  God, I hope I’m smarter.  But I get regular exercise, still eat too much, have much the same interests, and finally the means to actually enjoy some of them.  I try very hard to stay on top of new technology.  Heck, I’m blogging, which is largely the purview of 20-year-olds.  The difference is, I actually care what I write.  I just don’t feel old enough to be getting solicitations from AARP.  But it’s in there, sitting on the kitchen table, taunting me. 

The thing is, it signals the onset of so many unpleasant things.  The poking and prodding that come with crossing that half-century mark that every man complains about.  I suppose that being allowed to wait until we’re 50 is far better than the annual exam that is the part of a woman’s life from the time she’s 17 or so.  I mean, the digital exams are already part of any checkup I get, and have been for a while.  But the big ‘oscopy is in my near future. 

Oh Well.

I think everyone thinks they’ll live forever knowing they won’t, though I heard a story on NPR recently that speculated that, in another 15 years, medical science will be able to keep us alive a year for every year we live.  Something about nanotechnology.  Welcome to the Borg.  That would actually be about the time I’m supposed to be ready to retire.  We’ll see how that goes.


Meanwhile, I don’t know how I managed to think about it, but something remded me of Rolf Harris a while ago.   That drove me to YouTube, which let me to this. 

I’m again reminded of my dad, who had one Rolf Harris record, which I played over and over again.  This is the classic “Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport”, the title on the video not withstanding.  Rolf Harris managed to take a piece of something, maybe sheet metal, and make it into a musical instrument.  Is it any wonder I became enamoured of Australians?  There was a video of Rolf playing a concert where you see him playing the “wobble board”, but it’s not the full version of the song, so I went for this. 

Keep playin’ until I shoot through … Blue …



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