The Beach at Night

moon_oats.jpgLast night was what we used to call in the airplane business “Charlie Alpha Foxtrot Bravo” … or Clear As a Freaking Bell” … except we didn’t say “Freaking”.  In actual weather reports it’d be called “CAVU”, or “Ceiling And Visibility Unrestricted”.  I’d watched the moon rise the past couple of nights … and it was actually Andie’s idea to go down to the beach for the moonrise and take some pictures. 

At left is among the last images I captured.  When the moon first broke the horizon, it looked much different.


As the moon first broke the horizon last night, it was blood red.  I did not manipulate the color of this capture at all.  Particulates suspended in the air and refraction of the light made the moon this angry red.  At least, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.   The higher it rose above the horizon, the less color it had, until it arrived at the bright white moon we all know so well.    When you look at the first picture big on Flickr, you see better the sillouette of the sea oats in the foreground.  I really like that shot.


I think anyone who’s ever been out with a camera with a manual shutter release at night has tried this.  It’s my take on playing with light.  The source is a 6 LED flashlight I keep in the car.  LED lights have a particularly harsh bluish tint to them that make for an interesting effect.  One of these days I’ll try it with a laser pointer.  it was fun to do at least once, but I think the people in the beachfront houses were probably wondering what was going on.  Maybe the Navy helicopter just offshore too.


As we were leaving the beach, I pointed the flashlight at the street sign marking the walkover.  There’s something fitting about South Street.  Of course, two blocks north is North Street. 

I don’t go to the beach often enough.  I never thought I’d get so blase about the beach that I wouldn’t go several times a week.  I did when I first moved here.  Used to go after work, fly my stunt kite, fish, swim … now I’m lucky to get there three or four times a year.  Andie says it’s because it’s always there.  There’s a comfort in knowing that, any time I wanted to go, I could just get on my bike and ride down to the beach.  But I think that’s part of why I don’t go very often.  When you can go all the time, it’s less special.  I don’t ever want the beach to be less special.  Something to consider.



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