Time Spent On The Water …

jetski-14.jpgIs not deducted from man’s allotted span.  So sayeth the ancient Greeks, or so I hear.  I hope it’s true, because I’ve been so fortunate to spend a lot of time on the water.  Growing up in southern Indiana, there were lakes to be skied, canoed, sailed, and fished.  Every weekend of every summer was spent at KenRay Lake or Monroe Reservoir.  College was near enough Lake Monroe that we were able to water ski in February and March sometimes.  We were already SCUBA diving, so we all had wetsuits, and when you’re skiing in March … and not snow skiing … you need a wetsuit.

Through my adult life, I’ve found ways to be on or near the water.  There have been some extended breaks, but being on the water has never been far from my mind.  As soon as we were financially able, we had a little sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay.  Now, with my center console fishing boat drystacked on the banks of the St. Johns, I’m very fortunate to be able to spend time exploring the St. Johns, the Intercoastal Waterway, and a tiny little chunk of the Atlantic Ocean.  Yesterday was one such day.


I bring up the adage from the ancient Greeks to illustrate some of the pictures I took yesterday.  It was a nearly perfect day to be on the Intercoastal Waterway in northeast Florida, if a bit chilly.  Above, Dad and his son, most likely, on a jetski on the Intercoastal.  We saw several people on “personal watercraft” yesterday, some of them in wetsuits.  I was reminded of water skiing in Indiana in March.  “Bracing” was one term we used.  “OH *&#$ THAT’S COLD” was another.  But whether that’s a dad who’s home all the time with his son, or a weekend dad or an uncle or a family friend … they’re making memories that should stay with the young man for a lifetime.  At least I hope they do. 

The yellow boat is much like mine, except it’s a little bigger and I don’t have the “T” top.  These guys are off on some adventure or another.  Unlike most times that you’ll see two guys on a boat together, there are no fishing poles in the rocket launchers that adorn the “T” top.  Like me, the boat owner may have just needed to get it off the rack or trailer and run the engine.  An engine that is run regularly is more likely to be a healthy engine than one that is allowed to lay fallow all winter.  So he called a buddy and said “I need to go run the boat.  Wanna go?”  And there they were, blasting through the wakes of the floating condos on the ICW.


But if you need any further proof of that ancient Greek saying … just look at the expression on these kid’s faces as the boat starts to pull the tube.  Better  yet, go look at it big on Flickr.  Then, check out the entire set.  Can anyone deny the joy they’re feeling will freeze time?   It just doesn’t count.  We started taking my daughter sailing when she was a week old.   Now, at 18 (by the time we go), she’ll be joining us on a dive trip to Abaco this summer.  I hope I’m helping make some of the memories for her that my parents made for me in all of those weekends at KenRay Lake.  I know that boats and the water aren’t for everyone, but I’m certainly glad it’s for me.  And I hope that you’re able to find your personal B’rer Rabbit Laughing Place, as I have, and that you understand how lucky you are once you find it.



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