Finally, more Photos.

I uploaded 30 or so pictures to Flickr this evening.  Some of the eclipse, and some I took pretty much on the way home this evening.  sternwheeler-2-bw.jpg

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, and I know there are a few of you out there, you know I grew up in the Midwest.  About 90 miles from Ohio River.  I remember going with my dad and his friends to stay on their houseboats on the Ohio.  One of the main attractions was The Belle of Louisville, a working sternwheel steamboat that it was always a joy to watch ply the river.  Much later, when I lived near Cincinnati, we used to go down to the old riverboat landing.  Like trains, riverboats always had some kind of siren call, but I’ve never been on one.

So when I heard from one of the guys fishing under the Atlantic Boulevard Bridge about this old derelict sternwheeler tied up over at Moody Fabricating … I just had to take some pictures.  I’d love to go aboard her and shoot the inside, but I doubt THAT’s gonna happen.  I think it would be just fascinating.  rowboat-4.jpg

It was a day for pictures of boats.  On the Flickr set, you’ll find not only the sternwheeler, but a shot of the impromptu marina that’s been established outside the channel on the ICW.  At least one of the sailboats that’s been anchored there all winter has broken it’s mooring and gone hard aground, and they were pulling another one off this afternoon.  I’m going to try to get the boat out Sunday and see if I can shoot the steamboat and the distressed sailboat from the water. 

This little rowboat, meanwhile, I don’t think is abandoned, but it hasn’t been used for a while.  Pulled up above the high tide mark, it’s sitting on the hard waiting to be claimed, I guess.  The registration is from Georgia, and it wasn’t there the last time I was down under the bridge taking pictures.  Meanwhile, the rest of the pics of the steamboat, along with the other pics I took this afternoon, are here.

msb-10.jpgMeanwhile, the other sets I posted were of the eclipse Wednesday  and the main street bridge from last night.  I got this one using a time exposure, and the ambient light from the development on the southbank produced an eerie glow behind the bridge.  I didn’t manipulate the color in that capture in any way, other than to set the shutter speed.  Those pictures are here.  And, the captures I got of the eclipse are here.

So, the weekend is here, and we don’t have a lot of plans so far.  It’s supposed to rain tomorrow morning.  I’m hoping that I’ll be on the bike before the weekend is out, but it may have to wait until Sunday.  We’ll see.



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