Even more Geniuses … and Spamalot

noalbert.jpgGeniuses … they’re everywhere.

We were driving home from from the theater tonight … Spamalot … very funny, more on that later … and for once, there was a cop around when we needed one.

Well, we didn’t really need him, but the guy who blew through the light on Atlantic Boulevard at Hawkins Cove Drive got popped.  Big time.  I mean, the police car was sitting on Hawkins Cove Drive waiting for the light to change.  We were going East on Atlantic.  The light changed.  It as raining very lightly, but had been raining and the street was wet.  Still, after that brief flash of “should I try it?”, I knew it would be prudent to stop.  And I did.  Easily.  Andie did too (yes, we had both cars downtown).  I was in the far left lane, Andie was in the center lane, and the idiot in the right lane just blew through the light.  It was as red as red gets, and he blasted through at a high rate of speed right in front of the police car.

At first, I didn’t think he was going to get stopped, as the policeman followed him (or her, could have been) all the way to the Wal-Mart entrance before he lit the light bar.  I’m betting speeding, running the stop light for sure, and maybe even a DUI.  Not a great way to end the day.  But we had a good laugh at his (or her) expense.


Now… on to Spamalot. 

If you’re a fan of Monty Python … and I am … you need to see this show.  Really.  The touring company is in Jacksonville this week, and Andie asked for tickets for Valentines Day.  It was incredibly enjoyable.

There is no deep meaning to this show.  None.  A night of serious theater you will NOT have.  Which makes it perfect for me.  If you’ve seen “Monty Python and The Holy Grail”, you’ll recognize about half of Spamalot.  But the big production numbers are fabulous.  The dialog is all pretty vintage Python.  The songs poke fun at everything else, particularly Broadway.  But “I’m not dead yet” is the running gag from beginning to end, including the big finale number. 

This is one of the things I really like about Jacksonville.  It’s a big enough city that the touring company of Spamalot will come for a 7 night run, but it still has a very small city feel.  We could park between the theater and where we had dinner, and walk along the river between the two. 


It was a beautiful night to walk along the river, even in the light rain that continued to fall as we left the Times-Union Center and waked back to The Landing where the car was parked.  Jacksonville shows its self off well at night.  If there weren’t a beach, I’d live downtown.  But there is a beach, and that’s now home.  I’m very grateful, however, that the amenities of the city are close by, and available.  It sure makes it easy to stay.

Of course, Andie told me long before we got  married that while she’d travel anywhere, but she won’t LIVEanywhere else … so it’s a darn good thing I like it.



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