Shooting the Moon

eclipse-28.jpgOf course I was out taking pictures of tonight’s total lunar eclipse.  And of course, it’s pushing midnight and I’m just getting around to posting.  I’ll work on getting some pics up on Flickr before going to bed tonight, but no promises.  Look very closely in the lower left corner of the picture to the left,  you’ll see I managed to get a star as well.  Just the tiny white dot.

Update: Staff knower-of-all-such-things Kevin Meerschaert tells me the tiny white dot is Venus.  Thanks Kevin.

This was the last total lunar eclipse until sometime in 2010, I think I heard on NPR today.  So I’m glad I was able to get some decent shots of the event. 

Meanwhile, I haven’t heard if the Navy was able to shoot down the satellite tonight.  They were going to try. 

eclipse-32.jpgAt right is a picture of the full eclipse, again with the star.  On Flickr, you’ll be able to see some detail. 


On a completely unrelated topic, Martha Stewart and Emeril were just doing the Letterman Top 10 List.  Martha’s bought Emeril, lock, stock, and Bam!  Well, not the restaurants.  But the cookware, cookbooks, TV Shows and made Emeril a very wealthy chef.  The deal was 45 (m) million dollars +, and it’s made me a little sad.  Emeril was never my favorite Food Network personality, but it’s kind of a drag to see him assimilated by Martha Stewart Inc.  I guess it’s better than Rachel Ray selling her soul to Oprah … but not by much.



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