How People Find Me

I’ve been looking at my blog stats, and it’s sometimes surprising how people find my blog.  I really never expected ANYONE to read it, though I did put it over at and have linked back from Flickr a few places.  But the search engine terms really surprise me, and that people will click on the blog to read something.  At least I think they do.

For Instance, today, people found me by searching on “Middle Age Man” (I wonder what for), and “Satires about Life”.  Yesterday, people searched on “David Gano”, who is a friend of ours, “Haunstein, New Ulm”, “Bobby Flay”, “Florida Beach Birds”, and “Good Eats Pork Roast”.

I guess, if nothing else, it means there are a lot of different things in the blog.  I apparently have varied interests.

My only links back are from the Austrian Brass Band playing “Bohemian Rhapsody”.  I still really like that video.

Since it’s really late, and I have an early meeting in the morning, here’s another video that I really enjoy. 

What if … the Beatles had been Irish?




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  1. Emily

    I found you by searching for “jacksonville beach living”. I’m a sociology student at UNF and interested in learning about why people love living at the beaches here. I’m a beach lover, too. Keep up the good work!

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