“Great Guest” II … and more.

mic.jpgI got another great one today. 

Young, beautiful, and multi-talented: (redacted) is known for her intricate and humorous drawings.  At the age of twenty-eight she has already established herself as an artist – internationally exhibiting her works and winning praise from some of the most hardened art critics.  As (redacted)has impressed so many with the humor of her art work and short stories she is now entering the literary world with what Publisher’s Weekly calls a “funny, offbeat debut novel” titled, (Redacted). It marries dysfunctional family folly and a zany road-trip, and offers depictions of teenage angst so palpable that they’ll remind readers of how grateful they are to have survived those years.  In an interview, (redacted) can discuss:

  • Her back story: daughter of Austrian-Irish artist (redacted) grew up in a creative household, as well as, in a number of places. She now splits her time between Los Angeles and a family castle in Ireland. As an established fine artist and activist for WeSC (We Are Superlative the Superlative Conspiracy), she is now making her debut as a novelist.
  • The role religion and blues music play throughout the novel.
  • How the Midwestern landscape inspired her writing and how her own personal Midwestern road trip served as research.
  • The relationship between fine art and writing.

 Please let me know if you need any more information or would like to book an interview with (redacted).

I love how this one even suggest the interview questions … but only enough for about 5 – 7 minutes.  That’s not how we roll in public radio.  If I, or someone on my staff is going to interview someone, we read their book and come up with our own questions, thank you very much.  You’d be amazed how many guests, at some point in the interview, say “you really read the book, didn’t you”.  THAT’S how we roll.


Meanwhile, I was driving to work this morning, with the top up for a change, because it was about 35 degrees this morning, and the young woman in the SUV next to me was smoking. 

I’m not really a smoking Nazi.  I know people smoke, and if they want to do that to themselves, that’s their prerogative.  But when I see someone young, I always wonder what, in this day and age, makes them want to start.

I remember when I started smoking.  It was the early ‘7o’s, and while the health concerns were becoming better known, it wasn’t as well publicized as it is now.  And it didn’t take very long for me to get seriously hooked.  I’ve written before about quitting, but never about starting.

I started like most kids.  Both my parents smoked, so they were easy to get.  But a friend gave me my first one.  At the time, I was feeling rebellious, and I wanted to be ‘cool’.  I enjoyed smoking, but when I got married, my wife didn’t and it got expensive.  $20.00 a carton when I finally decided it wasn’t worth it.  One of the best decisions I ever made.

So anyway, here’s this otherwise attractive young woman smoking a cigarette.  I can’t tell you how much of a turn off that is, particularly for pretty women.  I just don’t understand how someone can look at all the research, see the PSA’s, talk to a doctor, then look at a pack of cigarettes and think “well, this is a good idea”.

And yet, it happens.

I have to say I was very happy the day Florida’s smoking ban went into effect.  No more going to the hostess and saying “2 Non”.  There are even a couple of places that have banned smoking from their outdoor sections.  They get a lot of my business, ’cause I like to dine al fresco.

And don’t get me started on the people who just flick their butts out the window.  “The world is my ashtray”.  Bullshit.  Of course, I know I used to do it too, but I smartened up.  You can too.

So, if you’re thinking about buying that first pack of cigarettes … give it another thought.  It’s nasty, stinky, and EXPENSIVE.  Heck, if you’re thinking about buying that 10,000th pack, give it another thought.  You can quit.  It’s hard, but you can, if you really want to.  If you don’t, fine.  I’ll take your portion of Social Security, since you won’t be needing it, and I’m hoping to live long enough to collect.  You won’t mind, will you?  Didn’t think so.  Oh, and don’t expect me to pick up your health care costs while you’re paved lungs can no longer transfer enough oxygen to your blood.  (hey, the don’t call it “tar” for nothing”.)

But then, there’s that humidor full of cigars over on the end table …



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