“Great Guest for your Show”

mic.jpgEvery day, my inbox gets inundated with e-mail that falls into 5 basic categories.    There’s legitimate business e-mail that I actually need to read and respond to.  There’s spam, but that’s another post.  There are the blast e-mails from the Governor’s office, the Mayors’ office, various and sundry city departments, the sheriff PIO, the state police PIO,  the Jaguars, the Suns,  pretty much anyone with an e-mail list of news operations winds up in my mailbox.  There are promotional announcements that some PR person has decided is a news release.  And, because I host a radio/television program, there are offers of “Great Guests” for “Your Show”.

Now, 99% of these gleaned my name and e-mail address from some list somewhere.  They haven’t a clue about what my “show” is, or who might be a good guest for said show.  Today, I got this.

If you made a New Year’s resolution to exercise, start a business or whatever

– chances are you’ve broken it by now! According to the New York Times, 4 out of 5 people will have broken their resolutions by February. With all those broken promises, I thought your listeners would love a dynamic guest right here in Florida, who can help them set new goals and actually reach them!

The coaching guru, (name redacted), is on a mission to set every American up with their perfect life coach. He created (company redacted) for anyone who wants to reach a personal goal and he is leading people by the thousands!

(Redacted) is a great interview and an expert on this neat trend – personal coaches of all kinds…

From starting a business, retirement, and more, people all over the USA are turning to individual lifestyle coaches to give them the tools and extra push to accomplish their feats. (Redacted) boasts a 96 percent success rate, helping clients achieve what they never thought possible.

I’ll bet I get 15-20 of these every day on topics from how to break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend to genocide in Darfur.  Each and every one of them a “Great Guest for your Show”.  It’s even a little more fun when they call on the phone, and I ask “do you even know what show your pitching for?” 9 times out of 10, they don’t. 

So, if you’ve ever wondered where all those chatty TV morning shows get the “great guests” that they use to fill out the seemingly endless hours they have to fill … now you know. 



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