It Could Have Been Worse

traffic-2.jpgNothing says “Happy Friday” like 25 wasted minutes on the Matthews Bridge.  Yet when I left the office this afternoon, this was what greeted me on the bridge.  I resisted the urge to slow down and take pictures of the actual accident on the downhill side of the bridge, but it was pretty spectacular.  One car was perpendicular to the late, jammed up against the guardrail.  If the guardrail hadn’t been there, the car would have wound up 60 feet down in the river. 

So, the first 25 minutes of my Friday afternoon were spent just getting up and over the Matthews Bridge.  If I had known before I got caught up in the morass, I’d have taken the Hart.

It was interesting seeing the police car get up the the accident scene.  The cars on the bridge parted like the red sea.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get the angle to get a good shot.


However, the very slow traffic, auto-focus, and continuous shutter release gave me a chance to take some pictures I’ve been seeing for a while.

The Hart Bridge, where I should have been, as seen from the Matthews.  The area is still very industrial, with storage tanks, warehouses … definitely a working waterfront.  I’d love to get a picture of that bridge from this angle at night, but there’s no way to do that without setting up the tripod and stopping traffic.  I doubt my fellow Jacksonvillians would be very appreciative.


The South Bank is more residential.  I see this scene almost every day on the ride home. If we ever win the lottery, I’d love to have a house on the river with a dock for the boat.  Andie’s pretty much talked me out of living oceanfront, thought there is something appealing about it.  But she’d lived there, or close, when she was a kid, and apparently between the people who think your driveway is public parking and trash disposal, replacing every piece of metal every couple of years because of corrosion, and the threat of hurricanes 6 months of every year, not to mention the outrageous insurance and property taxes … so maybe I’ll give up on the whole oceanfront thing.  But on the river … that has some appeal.  If it’s good enough for the mayor, it’s certainly good enough for me.

Anyway, I still got home early enough to get in a good ride on the bike and dinner cooked at a reasonable hour.  The weather looks good for a ride tomorrow before things get ugly and cold on Sunday. 

Just another weekend in paradise.



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