Things I Like About Living at the Beach II


Post-Holiday winter.

There are a lot of things to recommend living at the beach during the winter.  Jimmy Buffett kind of summed it all up in “When the Coast Is Clear”

“They’re closin’ down the hangouts, air it turning cool. Shutting off the SuperSlide, kids are back in school.  Tourist traps are empty, vacancy abounds, almost like it used to be before the circus came to town.”

The beach slows down in the winter.  I know, you might think things would move a little slower in the summertime when it’s 95 degrees out and the humidity is oppressive.  But that’s when everyone comes out to the beach from town and tries to cool off in the ocean.  We’re not the kind of tourist destination that you find just as close as Daytona, which is good.  But still, on a weekend in the summertime, it’s next to impossible to find a place to park down by the beach, and the waits can be forever getting into a restaurant.  Everybody wants to be at the beach in the summertime.

So winter if nice.   Sometimes, like you can see here, a thick fog rolls in off the ocean and just draws a veil across the beach.  The first winter I was here, my cousin had come over from Alachua in February before either of us had a boat.  We stood out on the beach to surf fish in February in a fog like this, and I thought “it’s February, it’s foggy, I don’t need any sunscreen”. 

I got scorched.

So it’s quiet at the beach in winter.  We don’t have a lot of snowbirds, people from town tend to stay in town because the days are so short, and the native Floridians think it’s cold.  I’m still not completely accustomed to riding my bike along 1st street in the January and February and smelling woodsmoke from a fireplace. 

This won’t last.  By about March, we’ll start seeing some Spring Break people, and then the tourist season will be in full bloom.  Again, we’re not Daytona, so we don’t get the debauchery that they see down there in March and April.  But we have a few.

I enjoy the quiet.  I like being able to get into a restaurant on the weekend.  And it’s slightly less impossible to find a parking place in Town Center this time of the year.  I love the beach pretty much every day, but I think after so  many Indiana and Ohio and Washington and Atlanta winters … I can’t say I like winter best, because it’s not as good for being ON the water … but I like the winter just fine..



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