Election Geniuses


So it was true.  A piece moved on the AP wire this morning that hundreds of people around Florida actually tried to vote on Super Tuesday.  People called Supervisors of Elections all around the state to determine where they could go vote on Super Tuesday.  Somehow they didn’t get the message that the election in FLORIDA was a week ago.

I’m not sure how they could have missed that.  It was in all the papers.

I’m not so sure they’re the kinds of people we need to have voting in any event.  I have to wonder if they actually voted on January 29th …  and then tried to vote again on Tuesday.  I’m sure in some cases they did. 



Meanwhile, we have a neighbor who is finally getting the last of the Christmas decorations down.  I noticed that the Christmas Tree was just out at the curb this week, and it went with the yard waste pickup this morning.  This unfortunate inflatable Santa is still hanging from the basketball goal, which is in pretty sorry shape its self.  I’m hopeful that we’ll be seeing the last of swinging Santa in the next few days. 


Eli Manning will be on Letterman tonight.  I only mention that becuase it was a year ago that we were in New York City to see the Letterman Show, and Eli’s brother Peyton was the guest after having won the Super Bowl.  We had the show stored on our old DVR, which died a while back.  You could barely see a glimpse of us as the camera panned wide shots of the audience … but I WAS able to tell people I was on the Letterman Show … and not lie.

Seems like there was a major storm that week as well …



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