Whad ‘ya Know II

wyk-39.jpgIt was a fun show.  Lots of comedy, good music, and a full house.  Michael Feldman packed ’em in at the Florida Theater.  I was able to take 70 or 80 pictures, most of which are up on Flickr.  I got some really interesting shots of the theater as well, which I’ll post tomorrow.

If you’ve never watched a live radio program being produced, I’d very much encourage you to do so.  There’s a skill to producing a live show that’s unlike anything else.  Now, I’m sure Feldman has this down to a science, as he’s done it a time or two.  The crew was extraordinarily professional, and pretty obviously love what they do.


Among the topics for “All the News That Isn’t” … presidential elections … calling Florida “Rudy Giuliani’s still smoking crater”.  The 7 bridges that span the St. Johns River, and the FCAT test.

He was quite taken with the fact that Elvis had played the same stage on a tour back in the ’60’s, even “channeling” Elvis at one point during the show. 


One of the people interviewed was Mark Woods, columnist for the Florida Times-Union.  Mark is a sports-columnist-turned-news-columnist.  He talked about everything from the rivalry between Gator fans and Seminole fans to the recent presidential preference primary.  Glad you were able to be part of the show, Mark.


John Thulin and Jim Paolo were two-thirds of the Whad ‘ya Know trio Saturday.  Clyde Stubblefield was the drummer, and while I didn’t get any good shots of him playing from my seat, there are some of him eating later in the show.


Rebecca Zapen was the local musical talent, shown here with her violin, but she also played a concert soprano ukulele.  She has a couple of CD’s and a website.  I’d recommend checking her out.

So, a good time had by all, at the show and the reception following.  The good news is, I think they’ll be back.



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  1. Hi Tom,
    Great blog, great photos! It was so nice to meet you at the show. 🙂

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