Sunday Reflections

i-voted.jpgFrom our “Maybe there’s Hope” department … I was talking to my daughter the other day.  She’s a high school senior in Virginia.  It’s  a long, long story as to how she came to be there with her mom, and I’m here in Florida, but you can probably guess most of it.  The divorce rate in the U.S. is somewhere around 50 percent.  Need I really say more.

Anyway, we were talking about the elections, and she said words to the effect of “I get to vote in the primary, even thought I won’t be 18, because I’ll be 18 by the time the fall election comes around”.

Operative words here … “I GET to vote”.  I hope that’s enough emphasis.

I remember taking her into the voting booth when she was little.  Back when it really was a booth and not the little carrels they have now for filling out the multiple-choice-test ballot.  She was born in May on 1990, so she would have been 2 when the presidential election rolled around in 1992.  And there may have been something in the meantime.  But both her mom and I have tried to instill in her the importance of going to the polls every time there’s a chance to mark a ballot.  I really think it’s the only way the system works, and more people should be informed participants in the process.  Of course, the operative word there is “Informed”, but that’s another post.

So good on ya, Jen.  Know the issues, know the candidates and their positions, and go participate in the process.  I hope it’s the first of many, many times you go to the polls. 


I did talk to somebody, and I don’t recall who, that said “I didn’t vote.  It was only the primary”.  In the grocery store last night, the manager bagging our groceries said a friend of his told him he was “going to wait for Super Tuesday”.  He’ll be surprised to find the local polls not open on Super Tuesday.  Maybe those people don’t need to be marking a ballot until they have a little clearer understanding of how it all works.  But as I said earlier, that’s another post.


I’m studiously avoiding today’s Super Bowl hype, though we do have people coming to watch the game.  I’m tired of hearing about the Patriots and their possibly-perfect season.  By 11:00 tonight, it should be all over, and just in time for March Madness.


fl-theater-11.jpgAnd Finally, I was fortunate enough to be in The Florida Theater yesterday with my camera before anybody was sitting in the house.  I love an empty theater.  I wrote a while back about the potential energy stored in an empty television studio.  Well, the same can be said about an empty theater.  Like a tightly-wound rubber band, the hour or so before a show goes up has a palpable energy emanating from the backstage area.  And, as was in the case of yesterday’s show, on stage as things were set.  The seats seem to be anxious to have people sit in them, and maybe it was that energy that caused the eyes of the gargoyle watching over the orchestra section to glow…


… or maybe it was just the camera flash.  Either way, pictures are up on Flickr

 So, chili’s on the back of the stove simmering, focaccia is on it’s first rise, chicken wings are marinading in a 1935 hot barbecue sauce recipe (no ketchup), hummus was made last night (and you should try making it rather than buying it), and it’s about 3 hours before people start to arrive.  I’d better go hit the shower.



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