Whad ‘ya Know?

Not much.  You?


Michael Feldman, the host of the popular “Whad ‘ya Know” radio show, stopped by the studio today.  He’s in town for a show tomorrow morning at The Florida Theater … which will also be live on the radio at 11:00.  And yes, I’ll be in the audience.

Actually, I’ll be on stage, albeit briefly.  Somebody’s gotta introduce him.


We did a very brief (2 minute) very impromptu break during “Day to Day” this afternoon.  I don’t know if he ever answers a questions seriously, but he didn’t with me.  But I’m willing to play, and I think I gave as good as I got. 

We got on the subject of bicycles, which all started with a “you look good, no you look good” schtick.  He asked “Stationary bicycle?”  “Nope, real bike with wheels.  This is Florida, and we can get out on a bicycle in January”.  And so on and so on … for 2 minutes.

feldman-6.jpgBob Culkeen, pictured here in the green shirt at far right, took him to Russ-Dohs’ for lunch today.  If you don’t know about Russ-Dohs’ it’s not something I can explain here.  Also pictured, from  right to left, are Rick Jonson, Michael Feldman, Geri Cirillo, myself, and Kevin Meerschaert. 

I’m very much looking forward to tomorrow’s show.  It’s a lot of fun watching live radio being produced.  Garrison Keillor was here a few years ago, and it was very interesting to sit and watch A Prairie Home Companion live.  “Whad ‘ya Know” is a different kind of program, but should be no less interesting or fun.  I DO listen to the show nearly every week, so the behind-the-scenes look will be a real bonus.

Speaking of bonuses, I got a new MP3 player yesterday.  Today, I downloaded the audio portion of “Week in Review“, and saved it to the player.  It worked perfectly.  It will be helpful for hearing other shows that I miss. 

Speaking of the player, I have a bit of a rant about Dell computer, where I originally tried to buy it, but I’ll safe that for another post. 



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