I Voted

i-voted.jpgFirst thing this morning, and I was voter #63 in my precinct.  I hope, if you live in the state of Florida, and you’re registered to vote, that you voted too.  It is perhaps the single most important thing you can do if you care about your country.  If you didn’t, you’ll have another chance in November.  By all means, get registered if you’re not and vote. 

Unfortunately for you if you didn’t vote in the primary, the person you think would be the best President might not be on the ballot.  That’s why primaries are so important.  It gives you the opportunity to select the person you think best represents your ideas and ideals.  As Ross Perot used to say … It’s just that simple.

It was disheartening to hear that the projected voter turnout in the state of Florida was pegged at somewhere around 30 percent.  The current turnout here is right now about 20 percent, with only 60 precincts left to report.  20 percent.  That, my friends, is just appalling.  8 out of 10 people who thought it was important to register couldn’t be bothered to take the 5 minutes it took me to vote this morning.  Only 2 out of 10 in Duval County thought the first step in the process of selecting the next President should be on todays’ “to do” list.  Shame on you if you didn’t go to the polls.  With 14 days of early voting available and some of the most liberal absentee and provisional balloting laws in the country, there’s no excuse for 20 percent turnout in Duval county, and a projected 30 percent state wide.


Meanwhile, the constitutional amendment revising property tax laws is winning by about a 64-36 margin.  If our Mayor, Sheriff, and other civic leaders are to be believed, that could spell some pretty lean times in city government and for city services.  During our First Coast Forum, Harvey Bennett indicated there is a good possibility that it could be challenged in court.  I just wish they could have waited until the tax commission finished its work and not rammed through this ill-thought-out amendment. 

Our Duval County turnout is up to a whopping 23 percent.  Wheeeeeeee …..

The good news is, the calls will finally stop.  We’ll be free from that foolishness until sometime in October. 

Now, I’ve been paying attention to this for the better part of a year.  I was very comfortable with my choice, but only after a couple of defections from the field.  And maybe the only thing worse than not voting is voting without knowing who or what you’re voting for. 

If  you’re NOT in Florida, and your state has yet to vote, don’t be part of a national embarrassment.  If you’re part of next weeks’ “Whoopee Tuesday”, you’ve got time to educate yourself about the candidates and get your sorry ass out and cast your vote.  It’s the most American thing you’ll do next week, or whenever your state makes its choice.  If you don’t, you’re part of the problem.



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