Bobby Parker, Ladies and Gentleman


I was leaving the office today, and who should appear in the parking lot but my friend Bobby Parker.  I hadn’t seen Bobby for … probably nearly a year.  When I was still involved with ImprovJacksonville, Bobby was one of the players.  He was also an aspiring stand-up comedian, which he says he hasn’t pursued for a while.  In any event, Bobby was coming to the station to audition for representation by First Coast Talent, which rents space from us.  I hope they decide to represent him. Bobby is, IMHO, in the same vein as John Belushi and John Candy.  He’s big, and he knows it, and he works it to his advantage.  He was always so out there on the improv stage, and he was an absolute joy to play with.  He never lets his size get in the way of his character.  I can best explain Bobby in one anecdote.  One year for Laugh for Life, I’d written a sketch called “Cher’s Never-Ending Farewell Tour”.  Bobby was cast as geriatric Cher … complete in a miniskirt and long black wig with a walker.  The script  called for him to have a heart attack halfway across the stage. When he fell down and flashed the entire audience his tighty-whities under the miniskirt … and was proud … that’s Bobby in a nutshell. 

It was great seeing you today, Bobby.  Good luck with First Coast Talent and Easter Super Bunny Hero and what ever you try.  I’ve posted the rest of the pictures on Flickr.



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