medical_symbol_md.jpgSomebody get the number of that truck …

Andie spent a good deal of last weekend down with a stomach virus.  Today, it hit me.  I managed to go to work for a few hours, but came home shortly after lunch.  Slept for a bit, and now I’m at least able to sit up for a while.  We’ll see how it goes.

It seemed like a pretty fast-acting bug.  Hopefully by the time tomorrow rolls around I’ll be at least able to go back to the office.  If not, I have a plan “B” to be able to get the show ready for Friday. 

You don’t want to know the symptoms.  It’s pretty gross, but at least I’m not heaving up my socks like Andie did when she had it … at least not yet. (Knock on Wood) 

I’m a horrible patient.  I hate being sick, and being unable to do things for myself.  I hate feeling bad, and trust me, this feels bad.  I try really hard not to whine, but then, this entire post is sounding like a big whine. 

At least if I don’t want to eat I might lose a pound.  It’s a bad way to get there, but right now, pretty much what ever it takes. 



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