Camera 2

camera-2.jpgLooks kind of intimidating, doesn’t it. Actually, I’ve mostly gotten to the point that when somone says “Go” in my ear, I pretty much forget they’re there. 

We did a 90 minute “First Coast Forum” on the property tax amendment last night. I slipped into the studio while the crew was on their dinner break and snapped a few pictures.

A dark television studio is kind of an interesting place. There’s a palpable energy about the place, just like it knows what’s coming. When the lights are off and the cameras and Promp’Ter are dark and there’s no crew … it’s like it’s all just pent up waiting to be released. Even in Public Television.

I have a saying about my television career. Some are born to television, some achieve television, and some have television thrust upon them. I fall into the lattermost of those categories. I can honestly say I did not seek to be on TV. It kind of picked me. To this day, I don’t like to watch myself of the tube. But I’m on, and I’ll keep doing it until they tell me to stop.

It amazes me sometimes how many people it takes to do a TV show. I was always used to the radio, where at most, 3 people worked on putting a show together. OK, maybe 4 for a live call-in. For one guy to sit on a set and talk to 4 or 5 other people takes a cast of about 20. It really amazes me sometimes that they’re all ostensibly there to make me look good on TV. It’s a big challenge, and I hope I don’t let them down.



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