Photo Drought

I haven’t taken any pictures in a while.  Just no time, and nothing interesting in front of me.  I haven’t been blogging much either.  Just not a lot of good ideas. 

So let’s take a bit of a trip down memory lane.


I think, of all the pictutures I’ve shot over the years … and I’ve been playing with cameras since I was in high school, this is my favorite.   I took it with a Canon point-and-shoot digital several years ago on our first trip to Abaco.   Pretty much since then, it’s been the wallpaper on all of my home and work computers.  I look at this picture, and I’m transported about 200 miles southeast.

We stay on the tiny island of Green Turtle Cay off great Abaco Island when we go there.  While there is a small town on Green Turtle, this photo, for me, captures the essence of the place.

There is such a quiet about the island.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned on the blog before, that one of the reasons we go there is because there is no TV, no phone, the radio is mostly Spanish, the newspaper is occasional.  It’s lovely.  Sometimes it takes me a day or so to decompress and get on Island Time, but once I do, it’s difficult to come back home. 

There are so many things to love about the island.  I’m really looking forward to going back with the nice digital camera and trying to capture it.  But try as I might, I don’t know if I’ll capture an image that I like as well as the one here



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