Not This Year

The Jaguars couldn’t stop Brady.  Not for anything.  They sacked him on his first play, and never touched him after that.  They kept it close to halftime, going in with a 14-14 tie.  The second half belonged to the Patriots.

Oh Well.

So now, it’s a rainy Sunday.  The weather gloom that has settled over the city is somehow apropos of what will be the mood today.  It was very interesting to see so many people out yesterday in Jaguars colors and gear.  Lots of jerseys and t-shirts and black and teal everywhere.  It’s unfortunate, though, that the same kind of excitement can’t be found for lowering the murder rate or attracting new jobs or cleaning up the river.  The thing about supporting a sports team is that you don’t actually have to DO anything … even buy a ticket.  Put on the team or school colors and you’ve done your bit to support the team … and you feel good about your civic pride. 

Part of it, I’m sure, is a “what can one person do” attitude towards some of these enormous problems faced by, really, any city of any size.  I honestly don’t know the answer to that question. 

On an up note, while the weather was still nice yesterday, I crossed the 3000 mile mark for bicycling.  It took a little over a year to do it.  The rain today gives me a good excuse to rest my legs, which were really feeling it yesterday.  My goal is to have another 3000 in the books by the end of this year.

Busy, Tim, and Lucas will be here for dinner tonight.  But we still haven’t done any breakfast … so I’ll go look into that now.



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