Sports Rant! Sort of. But First …

mbclose.jpgSometimes, you just have to stick the camera out the top of the car and push the button.  When the top’s down, it’s a  lot easier.  Of course, I wasn’t able to focus the camera, because I was DRIVING.  Now the auto focus won’t auto focus because the car is moving, and the camera won’t shoot if it won’t focus.  So I set the AF on manual, held the camera over the windshield, and pushed the button.  I got lucky.  Big pictures on Flickr.

And speaking of luck, the Jaguars are going to need lots of it this Saturday, as well as all the skill they can bring to the party.  They can beat the Patriots.  It won’t be easy, and they’ll need some … make that a lot of luck as well as playing near perfect football.  But it can be done, despite what some of the intellectual giants on some bulletin boards say.

And that’s the genesis of my rant.  I do occasionally surf random sports discussions, if it’s a game that interests me.  I was reading one on Yahoo today that dealt with the game between the Jaguars and the Patriots.  I understand the fun of talking smack in the comments, but one guy just pissed me off.  He posts under the handle “David B”.  And he wrote this.

As for the city of Jacksonville…… such a dumpy little city with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Worst city to EVER host a SB. No wonder you pathetic little losers have nothing better to do than fantasize about beating the Patriots and having sex with barnyard animals. 🙂 

I’m sorry, but the little smiley face doesn’t let you off the hook. 

Here’s a clue, David B.  Maybe the reason you couldn’t find something to do during the Super Bowl is because you didn’t look.  If you came here at all.   Sometimes, guys like that just parrot what some sports writer or another has to say without bothering to actually do any research.  In many cases, the writers are just cranking out words to make a deadline, and it’s easy pickings to dis the host city.  But here are a few things to think about if you’ve never been to Northeast Florida.

Because of the Super Bowl, Jacksonville was able to make a major deal with an Asian shipping company to greatly increase the amount of tonnage that moves through our port.  City officials say it was hosting the SB that made that possible.  And that’s just one example of a direct benefit of hosting the game.  An intangible is the pride everyone here felt when the game was going on, no matter how much we complained.

I work across the street from the stadium.  It was a bitch the few days before the game just getting to work and getting home.  But considering the civic pride that went into hosting the game, it was all well worth it.  From the NFL experience downtown to the tens of thousands of volunteers who gave up their time to be sure pampered, cranky sports writers, indifferent fans, self important celebrities and overblown sports figures had a good time. 

How dare you come and dis our city. 

David  B claims to be a Patriots fan, which means it’s possible he actually was here because the Patriots won the SB played in Jacksonville.  But if your idea of “something to do” doesn’t extend beyond 2 for 1 Budweisers at some watering hole, then maybe you didn’t find a lot to do … though there were a lot of 2 for 1 Buds.  David B … come back.  As was evidenced by the picture at the top of this post, I drove home with the top down yesterday.  And today.  Go kayaking at the Guana River preserve in December.  Enjoy a play, or our symphony (which will hopefully be playing again by the time  you could get here).  Get off the beaten track and enjoy one of our unique restaurants.  But don’t base your impressions on an artificial experience at the Super Bowl.

 The crack about the farm animals was just petty, stupid, and mean. That’s all the response that warrants.

I’m sure Foxboro would love to host a Super Bowl.  But it never will until y’all build a domed stadium, because the pampered, cranky sportswriters, self important celebrities, and corporate fatcats that get so many of the tickets couldn’t possibly let their girly little tushes get cold sitting in an open stadium in Massachusetts in February.  So, while we may not have been South Beach, or Ybor City, or any of the other major market places that have hosted a Super Bowl, at least we did it, and we pulled it off pretty damn well.  Jacksonville looked damn good in Hi Def on television.  It made us all proud.

So, David B, go crawl back under your snow drift.  The Patriots are a darn fine football team.  No one disputes that.  But you, my friend, need to get a life. 



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