And the Secret Ingredient Is …

Cannonball Jellyfish.  Yes, an article today in the SW Florida Herald Tribune indicates that shrimpers in the panhandle are catching cannonball jellyfish which are dried, sliced, packed and shipped to Asia … where people eat them.

152.jpgThey’re everywhere here.  Fortunately, they don’t sting, but the shrimpers say the mucus on the outside of them is fairly irritating. 

The article says they really have very little taste at all.

“They’re all protein and taste like whatever you put on them,”  — Shrimper Steve Davis.

According to the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the dried jellyfish are popular in Asia as salad toppers, or with cooked vegetables. A four-ounce serving contains 30 calories, eight grams of protein and 120 milligrams of sodium.

So basically, they’re aquatic tofu.  I know, tofu is made from beans and and this was nominally alive … but still. 

It got me thinking about how cool it would have been if one of the old Japanese Iron Chef battles had been cannonball jellyfish.  It would have been just about right.  With Morimoto or Sakai trying to cook jellyfish wafers against some obscure Japanese chef.  It couldn’t have been live, since they have to be processed and dried and such.  But to have had the original Chairman Kaga shout the Japanese work for “Jellyfish”, which would have sounded like a sneeze, because pretty much everything Kaga said sounded like a sneeze, and Doc Hatori commenting on the different ways they can be cooked and … well … it would have been the ultimate Japanese Iron Chef episode … IMHO. 

Photo courtesy of Walt and Mimi Miller’s Ramblin’ Cameras on the Georgia Department of Natural Resources site.


I was back on the bike today.  Up to 2941 miles, plus a few tenths.  I’ll be breaking 3000 by the end of the week.  And I’ve done a good job not snacking today.  I hope that’s an indicator of things to come.  I’ve got to get some of this weight off, and the only way to do it is to eat less and exercise more.  There, I’ve just written the worlds shortest diet book, and the only one guaranteed to work.  And since I’ve gotten pretty good about exercising, it’s down to just eat less. 

It’s too late on a work night.  So …


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