“The Wire”

“The Wire” is back.  This is, in my mind, the best show on television.  The 5th and final season began tonight, and I think I’m going to really like the stuff about The Baltimore Sun.  I’ve watched this show from the beginning, and it’s been on hiatus for nearly 2 years.  I’m really glad it’s back.  I’ll not try to explain the entire show.  All I’ll say is, if you’ve never seen “The Wire” … go get the DVDs and get caught up on the entire series.  It’ll be worth the cost.  I’ve been paying for HBO for 18 months after the end of The Sopranos just for The Wire, and I’m not the least bit disappointed.

A couple more entries into my Ordinary Things project. 

blimp.jpgWe had a visitor over the back yard this morning.  I’m not sure for what event the MetLife blimp was out shooting B-Roll at the beach this morning, but it came right over the back yard.  It would have been nice to have gotten a shot of the airship’s side, but it was directly overhead.  I didn’t have time to grab the 300 mm lens as it flew by, so I had to make do with the 200 mm.  I think with the longer lens, I might have been able to shoot the guys in the gondola … but not this time. 

We went on the MetLife website to see if there was any way to get a blimp ride.  It’s here at Craig Field pretty regularly.  Under the FAQ for the MetLife blimp is the question “Can I get a ride on the Blimp?”.  The short but sweet answer is “No”, with some lame explanation about scheduling.  Oh well.


With mom strongly considering Fleet Landing … we’ve spent a lot of time over there this weekend.  Leaving after dinner last night, I got a look at the light on the bottom of the pool.  I had to kill the flash to get the picture you see here, but I’m pleased with the results.  It looks a little like a scallop shell rendered in the light.  At least to me. 

One final note.  The Jaguars won in Pittsburgh last night.  They nearly didn’t, but they managed to eke out a 2 point win with a Josh Scobee field goal in the final 40 seconds of the game.  The bad news is, they next face undefeated New England.  They’ll be decided underdogs, but we’ll all be keeping a good thought for them.  Oh, and watching the game. 


Go Jaguars!!



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