New Year’s Eve Eve

ginger-inferno.jpgJen will be going home tomorrow, so I’m in my usual funk.  I think I took it out on Mom far more than Jen this time, which isn’t so good.  But I always get a bit surly the day before she goes home.  Right now, I’m trying to get her to get packed.  I’m only meeting with moderate success.

Since we didn’t have any fireworks (the legal kind) to ring in the new year, we ceremonially burned the gingerbread house Jenni and Andie “decorated” yesterday waiting for Jen’s boyfriend to get here.  Actually, they did a pretty good job, but it was either do our version of “Burning Man” or just toss it in the trash in a couple of weeks.  So after dinner, we all (Andie, Jen, myself, mom, Busy, Tim, and Lucas) gathered around the outdoor fireplace and lit it up. 

 It stank to high heaven.  But fun.

So as we head into the new year, I crossed 2900 miles on the bike for the year this morning, we’ll be going to David and Tom’s for New Year’s Eve tomorrow, and Andie’s computer died.  With her not having a job right now, that was kind of inopportune timing, but it is what it is. 

Meanwhile, with the writers strike still dragging on, we’re seeing promos for more and more really bad “reality” shows.  A more apt description would simply be “unscripted” shows.  “American Gladiator” is back.  There’s a celebrity “D” list version of “The Apprentice” coming on.  Somehow, the “Law and Order” people were smart enough to hold their new episodes to January, when everything else is going into re-runs or these horrible shows that don’t need writers.  Game shows will be big as well.  Thank goodness for Food Network and the NFL Playoffs. 

All the late-night yackers will be back as well.  I read that they were sympathetic to the writers, but the producers, camera operators, sound guys, cue card boys, gaffers, grips and what have you also needed to eat.  Solidarity with the writers only went so far, so Dave, Jay, and Conan will all start back with new shows Wednesday.  We’ll see how funny thay are without the pros.

I’ll post more pictures tomorrow, but I’ll leave you with this interesting capture from the back yard. 

crystal ball.jpg



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