Two Spectacular Sunsets


I know I’ve been remiss in blogging this week, but having Jenni in town, as well as Mom, and the whole Christmas thing, well, there hasn’t been a lot of time for blogging.  But I did want to be sure to post a couple of pictures I’ve taken over the course of this week of spectacular sunsets, with more to follow later.This sunset was on the night after Christmas.  It was taken behind my sister’s house just off Hodges Blvd.  They have a retention pond behind their house, and the colors really were that vivid.  It was a quiet, warm. still evening, and the reflection was nearly breathtaking.  I’ve started carrying a camera just for shots like this.


The other spectacular sunset this week was viewed from the observation deck of the St. Augustine Lighthouse.  We climbed all 219 (Andie says 218 1/2) steps late in the afternoon, and when the sun began to fall, it was worth both the climb and the wait.  Jenni and I stood for probably 30 minutes watching the colors shift to deeper and deeper golds and oranges.  I had an opportunity to play with some different F-Stop and shutter speeds, and well as white balance in the camera.  You can see both sets on Flickr here and here.

I’ve taken a lot of pictures the past few days, and I hope to be getting some from the guy we went kayaking with yesterday.  He’s supposed to be sending them via e-mail, so I’ll post them when they arrive. 

Time to go off and forage for food.



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