Enchilada Eve

jb-2.jpgWhen I got married, I inherited the tradition of Enchilada Eve, held annually on Christmas Eve.  Big pans of enchiladas, plus what ever else falls onto the table.  Andie’s been baking cookies for 10 days, and her mom volunteered to make the enchiladas this year.  We invite tons of people, eat, and drink.  Last night was just about perfect for the soiree.

The temperature was in the 50’s to around 60, which meant the outdoor fire pit was a very popular spot, as you can see from the photo of Mr. Bryan here.  Good friends, good food, good cigars and good wine make for a very enjoyable evening.  It’s also the opportunity for Andie to exchange gifts with her niece Chelsy, along with several other folks from that branch of her family.  As usual, there were people in my house that I didn’t recognize, but all soon become friends.  This year was no exception.


Of course, it’s a good time for old friends as well.  Scott Abrams, seen here at left in classic “Scott as a Zombie” mode, has been a good friend since I out-egoed him and weaseled my way into improvjacksonville.  It looks as if we’re going to start writing again, which would be fun.  Hopefully, we’ll get something accomplished on the book we started 8 months ago.


In the unusual gifts department … I’ll just leave you with this.  It’s a Hillary Clinton Nutcracker, which I somehow doubt is an officially licensed product.  But it’s as funny as it gets, and someday, if she’s (god forbid) elected president, I can sell it on e-Bay and grab a big mocha frappacino at Starbucks.

Just a thought.

There are more pics from the party on Flickr.

So today is Christmas Day.   As I write this, Jenni is on an Airbus 319 at about 38,000 feet, traveling towards Florida at a just over 450 miles per hour.  Looks like she’ll be here in about an hour and 20 minutes, which means we should start for the airport pretty soon.



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