No Assembly Required

I was talking with a friend at work today about kids Christmas gifts … and he mentioned that he was likely going to be spending several hours putting together a doll house for his three-year-old daughter.  I was reminded of one of my mothers’ favorite stories.  When I was a kid, my dad apparently spend most of a Christmas Eve assembling a 3 story parking garage for me for Christmas.  It was one of those stamped metal “insert tab “a” into slot “b” ” kind of operations, and he got it all together only to find out he’d done it wrong.   Here, I can empathize with my dad, because I’ve often had exactly the same experience.  Not necessarily with a parking garage, but I have often gotten to the end of a project only to realize I’ve gotten something backwards.  Usually it requires disassembling the entire whatever it is and starting from scratch.  I really can’t tell you how often that’s happened to me.  So now, with Jen pushing college, I’m glad I don’t have anything under the tree that requires assembly. 

So I’ve been searching for a picture of the 3 story parking garage on the interwebs, but I can’t find one.  I though you could find ANYTHING on the Internet, but not even on e-Bay.  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.  I don’t have mine any more, and god knows where it actually went.  Probably to a landfill long ago.   Or, it’ll turn up when we clean our mom’s house in a couple of years. 

I’m off work now until January 2nd.  But then it’s a long slog until my next time off … which comes I don’t know when.  I’m sure I won’t make it all the way to June when we’re going to Jenni’s graduation and the to the Bahamas.  But there won’t be much between now and then.  I’m sure we’ll find someplace to go in the intervening months, though with any luck, Andie’ll be working again, so I’m not sure what kind of time off she’ll have.  Only time will tell.


Meanwhile … it’s the longest night of the year.  The official  winter solstice is in about an hour … 0100 or so (eastern) Saturday morning.  It’s one of the reasons to celebrate the season.  After tonight, the days begin to get longer, which always puts me in a better mood.  This view is of the sun coming up under the Hart bridge this morning.   What do I love about living in Florida?  Well, the temperature was in the 50’s, and I drove into work with the top down anyway.  This was shot from the parking lot before I went into the office.  I know the picture looks sepia toned, but that was the light this morning.   They’re full size on Flickr.

 Let the madness begin. 



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