Fred’s In !!!

jag-head.jpgFred Taylor’s in the Pro Bowl.  Unfortunately, another player had to get hurt for that to happen, but it did.  Steelers running back Willie Parker broke his leg in tonight’s game against the St. Louis Rams … and Fred is the first alternate at that position.  I feel bad for Parker.  I really do.  But Fred deserved to go to the Pro Bowl on his own merits.  Even Bryant Gumbell said justice was served. 

Congratulations, Fred.  I know you’ll make us proud.

Of course, with Parker leading the NFL rushing stats, having him out could also be helpful should the Jaguars play the Steelers again in the first round of the playoffs.  Again, you hate to see a season-ending injury, but that’s football. 

Mom isn’t feeling well.  We’re all hoping it’s just the stress of traveling and being in a strange house and bed, but she’s been in bed since I got home at 7:00, up a couple of times with a very upset stomach.  Andie’s supposed to bring her to watch us do the show tomorrow, so I hope she’s feeling better. 

Then, it’s off for a week and a couple of days, not back to work until January 2nd.  I’m about as ready as it gets.  Time to go pack up the cookies I baked tonight, and get tomorrow’s suit together, and call it a night.



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