Last Monday Off

Some random thoughts on this, my last Monday off for a while.

With a bunch of “use or lose” leave, I’ve been really enjoying 3 day weekends in the month of December.  Today was the last of those.  Visits to the doctor and financial planner not withstanding … I could get used to these 3 day weekends.  All of that goes away in January, but I’ll work 4 days this week, and then have 10 or 12 days before I have to go back.  So that’ll be nice.

In January, it’s right back to another First Coast Forum 17 days in.  Another show on property taxes.  We’re supposed to have Mayor Peyton on Week in Review this week, but I haven’t heard back from the scheduler since she said she was “putting it on his calendar”.  I’ll call her again tomorrow.

How can the Jacksonville Jaguars have the 3rd best record on the AFC and still be concerned about a spot in the playoffs?  I know Indianapolis plays in our division, but in the Central or West … we’d have a home game wrapped up by now.  As it is, Indianapolis has won the South, and we really need to beat Oakland or Houston for a wild card spot.  At least the commentators are talking about the team, and not disparagingly.  Maybe this is the year Fred Taylor makes the Pro Bowl, and the Jaguars go more than one game into the playoffs.


Meanwhile … I’m enjoying increasing my carbon footprint by having a fire in the fireplace tonight.  It’s 46 degrees out, with a forecast into the high 30’s, and the fire makes it feel like Christmas.  It’ll never (I fervently hope) be a white Christmas in Florida … but I do like having the fire. And while I was writing this, and getting the picture to illustrate, the temperature fell to 45.



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