December in Florida Part 2

poinsetta2.jpgUntil I moved to Florida, I didn’t realize how big poinsettias could get.  I don’t know where the one that’s now planted outside one of our master bedroom windows came from, but it’s as tall as the eaves.  I really had no idea they got that big.

Frankly, I never really contemplated that they grew in the ground.  I mean, you only ever see poinsettias in pots that are covered in red, green, or gold foil … or the cheesy holiday foil … or whatever. 

But yes, there’s a huge one growing in the back yard, and a second one trying to come back after I accidentally knocked it down with the mower this summer.


It also dispels the myth that you have to hide poinsettias in a dark closet to make them turn red in December.  This one lives out in full, scorching Florida summer sun, and as you can see, some of the leaves are turning a brilliant shade of red. These particular pictures were taken Saturday morning after a brief rain shower.  When the sun came out, the beads of rain on the leaves caught the sun in a very interesting way.  Click on the picture above to see it big … and all of these most recent photographs are available on Flickr.  I particularly like the way the sun is refracting through the water drops on the leaf.  You can see the light being concentrated like it was coming through a magnifying glass.  Then, there’s the contrasting yellow on the leaf to it’s right.  Visually very interesting, IMHO.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I did manipulate the contrast on this picture with MS Office Picture software. 

flipflops.jpg Meanwhile, back at the Christmas tree, I really like the flip flops.  I like a lot of things on our tree.  It’s unique.

It’s the last few days of calm before the holiday season begins in earnest.  Mom will be here on Wednesday, and Jenni gets here on  Christmas day.  Only one road trip planned over to High Springs in that time.  Of course, Enchilada Eve happens on the 24th.  I actually enjoy having a house full of friends and family at the holidays, but I like my quiet time as well.  Hopefully there will be plenty of both in just the right quantities.










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