What If …

goplogo.jpgWhat if political debates that included more than two candidates worked like American Idol.  We were talking about this at work today, with no mention of political party.  Let’s just say that, at the end of each debate, America was allowed to vote someone out of all the subsequent debates.  Grab your cellphone or go online and let them know who you thought was the worst debater.  Suppose it was Hillary … or Rudy. 

How much fun would that be?  Maybe Padma Lakshmi (Top Chef) could moderate.  Can’t you just hear her say, in that wonderful Slavic accent “Senator Dodd… You’re OUT!  Please pack your notes and go.”  dnc.gifOr maybe The  Donald could tell Governor Huckabee “Your Fired!”  I just think a) lots more people would watch the debates, and b) we’d eventually wind up with few enough people on the stage that maybe somebody could give a substantive answer.  And if I was still writing sketch for improvjacksonville, I’d be all over this.  It’d be funny as hell.

I’m still a proponent of the Lincoln/Douglas debates.  3 hours on a single topic.  OK, let’s be reasonable and call it an hour.  Each candidate gets, say, 10 minutes for his or her opening argument, then the discussion begins.  How much more would we learn from that.  It might even make it possible to vote intelligently.

But political debates don’t work that way.  Unfortunately, we wind up with too many candidates on the stage each trying to claw out his or her 15 second sound bite or gotcha line, and it’s damned difficult to make up your mind. 

Enough of that.  Let me leave you with a picture of one of my favorite “toys”.  It’s not a toy, really, but I do have a lot of fun with it.


It may not be a Gibson Les Paul, but since Epiphone is a division of Gibson, it counts.  What if I could just really learn to play …



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