Random Things

Sometimes, you come across things that just need to be passed along.  Here are a few of those things.


Every year, a group called “M-LAW” sponsors a contest for the most outrageous warning lables.  At right is this year’s winner. 

A label on a small tractor that warns, “Danger: Avoid Death,” has been chosen as the nation’s most obvious warning label in M-LAW’s annual Wacky Warning Label Contest. The Wacky Warning Label Contest, now in its eleventh year, is conducted by Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch, M-LAW, to reveal how lawsuits, and fear of lawsuits, have driven the proliferation of common-sense warnings on U.S. products.

It was after I saw that today, when Andie pointed out the message on the bottom of the coffee mug I’d used this morning.  Jenni gave it to me for my birthday last year … a mug emblazoned with insults from Shakespeare.  On the bottom … this warning.


I’m not sure if it was tongue-in-cheek, but there it is:  “For Best Results, Use Other Side”. 

I like ridiculous warnings. 

The mug rocks.  Nobody talks trash like The Bard. 

But that’s not all.  In Dave Barry’s Blog today was a link to a story about Big Bone Lick State Park in Northern Kentucky.  I’ll let you just read it here

The randomness continued with a link to a site advertising a professional blender in a very unconventional way.  Based on Dave Letterman’s “Will it Float” segments, which are on hiatus due to the writers strike.  This is “Will it Blend”

Speaking of the writers strike, I read today that the strike may cause this year’s awards shows to be cancelled. 

Not only will writers be unable to pen hilarious banter for the shows’ hosts and presenters, networks are worried that celebrities might stay home in solidarity with the picketing writers …

From The New York Times.

What a pity.  No writers to write bad, stilted “ad libs” for actors to read poorly from a teleprompter.  You can tell, I’m crushed.

matthews-nite.jpgSo, I’ll leave you with this.  After a long meeting at work, leaving after dark, I looked over across the retention pond in front of the office.  This is what I saw.  One of the best things the city did during the Super Bowl was light the bridges. 



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