Eye Update and Other Things.

It’s supposedly back to 20/20. I could at least read that line on the chart yesterday, though it was still a little fuzzy,  but a big improvement over the last time I was there, and a huge improvement over 2 weeks ago.  Dr. Lancaster has cut the topical steroid back to just one drop per day for the next two weeks, and done, and he doesn’t want me back for a month.  He said the vision will be up and down over the next few weeks, but I think I’ve got a shot at a full recovery.  That’s some pretty good news.

Not much else going on here in Lake Woebegone By-The-Sea.  We were at St. Johns Town Center yesterday, and I think I’ve heard enough Christmas Carols to last the rest of the season.  Unfortunately, I’m sure there are more in my future.  I’m coming into the time of maximum holiday stress, which will be with me until I actually buy some gifts.  I’ve done a little, but have plenty more to do, and I always over think what to buy.  I just want it to be perfect, something they really want … maybe I shouldn’t worry so much, but I hate shopping for gifts on a deadline.

But, it’s time to git ‘er done. 

 Then there’s the house two doors down, which has the worst, tackiest holiday decorations ever.  I’ll get some pics and post them.  It’s really bad.

The good news is, it’s December in Florida.  I hit the bike after work, and cranked through 17 miles.  I’m up over 2750.  We’ll see how far it goes before the end of the year.



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