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The Jacksonville Jaguars won today.  They’ve got a pretty good chance to make the playoffs.  At least they don’t have to depend on a bunch of other teams to win, or lose, to make it in.  If they can beat Oakland, which they should, and Houston, which they should, they can survive a loss to Pittsburgh next weekend and still have a good shot.  Of course, a win at  Heinz field would be really cool.first-street-fog.jpg

I took some pictures Saturday in the fog.  This one was taken along First Street mid afternoon.  The fog just held in there pretty much all day, at least on the beach.  By the time we got back to this side of Penman Road, the sun was out and it was very nice.  I also managed a 19 mile bike ride in the fog yesterday morning.

beach-fog.jpgThe fog was heavy out at the beach as well. Standing at the base of the walkover, you could barley see the ocean.  But I do like the way the fog softens everything, and it makes for some interesting photographs.  You can see the entire set over on Flickr.

As usual, there were a bunch that didn’t make it.

Today, another 20 miles on the bike.  It’s nice to be back on the road after riding only once in the two weeks that followed my eye injury.  I was able to go to Lowes and found a pair of safety glasses that look enough like cycling glasses that I’ll be able to wear them to ride and not look geeky.  Anyway, I’m up over 2700 miles this year and if I don’t slack off and the weather cooperates, I should make 2800.  Next year’s goal is to break 3000, and actually lose some weight.  It’s all about the discipline.  I should have made it this year, and probably would have if I hadn’t had to take those two weeks off for the eye injury.

Speaking of which, I have another follow up appointment tomorrow morning.  It’s still a little blurry, and it’s time to ask the doc if it has a chance to fully recover.  If not, I’ll consider having the left eye corrected.  I’d gotten really used to having that extra-sharp vision, and if I can do it again, I probably will.

Time to go start dinner.



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